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‘Fun, Green and Economy’ is LAB’s goal




City Park

We hate trends and we like to be a character. 

Station Project

A same goal is a wild wish

travel plan

Everyone’s story is a jigsaw puzzle.



 ‘Fun, Green and Economy’ is LAB’s goal
By pursuing simple and convenient design of living as well as reaching easy access to public area for share and communication
Through integrating accommodation, dining, bar and travel information
LAB aims at providing a complacent and interesting style of living

Lai Bu (LAB), homophone in Chinese for abbreviation of ‘laboratory’
Our intention is to unite youth hostels that have attitudes and persistence
To create more possibilities and a brand new experience of travel and accommodation
This is a coexisting laboratory about travelers, destination and life

L stands for ‘link’, breaking boundaries among people and geography in order to search the culture of the target city deeply
A stands for ‘attraction’, the attractive people and attractive things are definitions of young generation’s interest and their experience of knowing and recognition
B stands for ‘budget bed’, the best trip under reasonable budget. ‘Best’ means high cost-efficiency that brings you satisfaction and happiness.

Self-construction is a tedious and endless process, while travel might be one efficient method in our recent days.
     LAB not only provides our customers with tidy, safe, green, and friendly service, but also emphasizes the importance for our young generation to develop themselves by discovering the world and networking with peers. 
LAB, turns out to be the laboratory for this improvement. 
Wish you all a good time staying with LAB! 


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LAB, turns out to be the laboratory for this improvement.

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